For first time registration, go to System Preference and do a quick setup. 


Only Show Products Assigned to This KDS

Enable this to show only items that are assigned to this KDS in FOOD POS+.

Selected KDS

If you have more than 1 KDS in your restaurant, you need to determine this KDS represent Kitchen or Bar or others.

Hide All Saved Orders

KDS does not show order items which are saved but not sent order from FOOD POS+

Hide All Finished Orders

To automatically clear all completed orders


Sort Orders By Order Status

The order will be sort by status

Sort Products By Product Status

Products show in sequence by status (saved >Started>Prepared>Ready>Served)


Products by Groups

The orders will be listed according to the product group created in FOOD POS menu


Order/Item Status Sequence

There are 5 statuses for your order. 

Hide Product Code

Product Code would not appear in KDS

Large Remarks Font

Item Remarks will be showed in a larger font size and red color in KDS

Show Order Paid Status

Paid order will show a green bar on the top, while red bar for unpaid status


Automatic Log-in

You can choose no log in is required to open this apps


Automatic Sync Order

You can select the length of time from 5 -45 sec to refresh the KDS updated status from FOOD POS+

Octopus Connect

Link terminals with Octopus Connect

If you have others FOOD POS+ companion applications such as OctoWaiter and OctoMenu, you can enable this function and lined to all these terminals to improve the stability and speed of usage.