1. Tap on   button at right bottom corner of Sales Memo page to access Table Management and modify table structure (please refer Sales > Table Management)
  2. Add Table Structure : Tap on   . Enter structure name and structure dimension. 
  3. Add Table : Tap on  at Table List bar. Enter table name.
  4. Assign table to table structure : Long press and hold on table from table list   Drag and drop it on table structure. 
  5. Merge table : Tap on   button and select the tables to merge. Note : Table with order cannot be merged. 
  6. Split table : Swipe left on the parent table of merged table. Tap on  button to split. Note : Merged table with order cannot be split. 
  7. Tap on   to save table structure locally. 
  8. Tap on   to sync changes to cloud.