Note that Queue Management is an Add-On Module. See more information at Queue Management System pricing varies based on hardware selection and your existing POS subscription plan. Contact us to learn more.

  1. Enable Queue Management : Go to System Preferences  -> User Interface Settings  -> Switch on Enable Queue Management  -> Select queue management mode. You may set title for serving and preparing below this setting. (Note that this system will function for customers that have subscribed to this add on functionality. Please contact our sales team for more information).
  2. Enable auto-change status : Go to System Preferences ->  Switch on Change Preparing to Serving  -> Select changing order status.
  3. To view order queue : Go to Sales Memo  -> Tap on Queue
  4. To edit queue manually : 
    1. Tap on  to change order status to serving 
    2. Tap on   to change order status back to preparing
    3. Double tap on   to remove order from queue