Tap on Pay button  to proceed with payment. 

On payment page, select payment modes from left side and enter the amount. 

  • Turn on Multipay Mode to enable payment by multiple payment mode. 
  • Tap on Foreign Currency to convert payment amount into foreign currency. Refer Foreign Currency Payment Conversion for details. 


Payment Modes

There are multiple payment modes supported by the system and available from selection. 

To Select Payment Modes from existing list / Add Customised Payment Mode : Go to System Preferences   Settings & Configurations   User Interface Settings   Payment Modes. 

Below are some highlighted payment modes in the system you may want to know. 

Payment Mode


Cash Payment

Select and enter the amount of cash received

Card Payment

Includes Visa, Master, Amex, Diners, JCB, Debit and so on

Prepaid Card

Pay by customer’s prepaid account. Refer Customer & Membership > Register Prepaid Card for more information. 

Credit Account

Allow customer to purchase first and pay later. Refer Customer & Membership > Credit Account for more information.

WeChat Pay

Proceed WeChat Pay with QR code. This is required to setup payment mode at System Preference  Credit Card Setting


Proceed Alipay with QR code. This is required to setup payment mode at System Preference  Credit Card Setting

Nets Scan & Pay

Foreign Currency Payment Conversion

To setup foreign currency payment conversion : 

  1. Go to System Preferences ->  Currency Table
  2. Set at least 1 base currency.
  3. To Add foreign currency : Tap on  "+" button ->  Enter currency details and Save. 
  4. To Edit foreign currency : Tap on the record row  -> Amend the details and Save. 

Merge / Split Bill

  1. Merge Bill
    1. Save the current order
    2. Tap on  Merge Bill button
    3. Select an unpaid order to merge from saved orders list.

  1. Split Bill
    1. Tap on  Split Bill button
    2. Select split mode
      1. Split evenly : enter number of people to generate receipts with payment amount divided evenly.
      2. Split manually : enter number of people and payable amount for each people.
      3. Split by item : select the items to pay separately.