Edit order details (Dine Type / Table Number / Guest number / Customer Name)

  • Tap on each details field or the info icon to edit order details.

Active Menu

  • Select products on left panel in their respective menu / sub-menu. 

Edit order items (Modifiers / Change Status / Add Remarks / Manual Apply Discount / Change Unit Price)

  • Select item to edit and tap on   or directly tap on the item to edit. You can add modifiers, change amount, status, remarks, and apply discount for the item.
  • Tap on the unit price of the item to change unit price. 

Open Key

  • Tap on Open Key button to add an order item which is not in the menu list.


  • Tap on Remarks button to add order remarks. This will be shown on kitchen receipt and / or cashier receipt. 


  • Tap on Summary button to view the whole order summary.


  • Tap on Void button to select an invoice from invoice listing to void.

Open drawer

  • Tap on Open Drawer button and perform admin login to open cash drawer without transaction.

Merge Bill

  • Tap on Merge Bill button and select order from list to merge bill. 

Split Bill

  • Tap on Split Bill button to split bill. There are three ways to split bill : 
  1. Split Evenly : Total price split evenly by number of people.
  2. Split Manually : Determine how much to be paid by each person.
  3. Split by Item : Select item(s) to be paid by each bill.  

Send Order

  • Tap on Send Order  button to send order of the selected items to kitchen. 

Print Receipt

  • Tap on Print Receipt button to print receipt. 
  • This button will not appear if Auto Print setting is turned on. 

Delete Item

  • Tap on   button to delete the selected item. You can also swipe left on the item to delete it.
  • Deleting an item which is not send to kitchen order yet, item will disappear from order list.
  • Deleting an item which already sent to kitchen, it will turn into red colour. Perform delete on the item again to remove it from order list.

Status Bar

  • Status of each item is shown by colour of the side bar : 
  1. Red : Order failed to send to kitchen
  2. Blue : Sent to kitchen successfully
  3. Yellow : Food preparing
  4. Green : Food ready
  5. Grey : Food served

Clear Order

  • Tap on   button to clear all unsaved order items and exit sales memo.

Whole Receipt Discount

  1. Tap on   button beside Discounts to apply whole receipt discount. 
  2. Discount can be given by percentage (%) or amount ($)

Disable Service Charge and Tax

  1. With settings in System Preference ->  General Settings  -> Tax and Service, you can tap on the check box at payment summary section, to waive the service charges and / or tax.

Save Order

  1. Save Order : Tap on   button to save order
  2. Retrieve saved order : Tap on  button to retrieve order