When you click on sales, you will be taken to the Table Layout page by default. 

Order Taking

To take a dine in order, tap on a table and make order. Tap on "Take Out" button instead to make a take away order. 

Table Management

You can select different table structure by tapping on the Table Structure button:


Tap on create new button:at right bottom corner to access Table Management and modify table structure (please refer Table Management). 

Tap on the right top window icon:

to filter table status. (All, Waiting, Served, Available)

The table status is shown on each table’s icon :

  1. Blue colour : order sent to kitchen properly
  2. Red colour : Some or all orders do not send to kitchen / bar
  3. Grey colour : All food served
  4. Paid Stamp : Bill paid

Assign Table

Tap on a table and make order to assign a particular table for an order. 

To clear the paid table, you can do it manually by tapping on the table and press Clear button, or automatically clear by settings. 

Use of Merge Table

Two ways to take one single order for multiple tables. 

  1. Tap on a Table  -> Tap on Table Number under Sales Details  -> Select multiple tables  -> Tap on green tick button   
  2. Tap on a merged table. (please refer Table Management > Merge / Split Table