User Settings

This is used to setup system user access settings. You can create and different user groups to define them to access different functions. 

Users: Assign different users in to the users groups.

  1. To Edit or Remove User : Select Users Tab  -> Press on Edit button  -> Tap on right arrow icon to edit / Tap on red remove icon to remove user. 
  2. To Add New User : Press on Add button ->  Enter User name  -> Select User Group ->  Check relevant boxes for user ->  Complete by clicking the green tick button. 

User GroupAuthorise different functions to the group user.

  1. To Edit or Remove User Group : Select User Groups Tab ->  Press on Edit button ->  Tap on right arrow icon to edit / Tap on red remove icon to remove user group.
  2. To Add New User Group : Press on Add button -> Enter User group name and description  -> Check relevant boxes for user group’s accessibility ->  Complete by clicking the green tick button. 

Outlet Settings

This is used to setup outlet details. 

Printer/Kitchen Display Settings

To setup connections and settings for printers :  

  1. Go to Printers tab.
  2. Enable printer and choose the printer model, key in IP address and Port.
  3. Tap on Add button to add more printers in used.
  4. Tap on Edit to change the name of the printer.
  5. Tap on Save to save the changes made. 

You can utilise Octopus Kitchen Display system instead of printing kitchen receipt. 

To setup Kitchen Display Settings : 

  1. Go to Kitchen Displays tab
  2. Tap on Add button and enter KDS name to add more KDS in used.
  3. Switch on enable button.
  4. Tap on Edit to change the name of KDS.
  5. Tap on Save to save the changes made. 

Receipt Settings

To setup the display of printed out receipt :

  1. Enter information includes company name, logo, receipt title, header, footer and so on.
  2. Scroll down to see a preview of receipt.
  3. Adjust by show or hide company name, adjust font size and etcetera. 
  4. Select printing language. 
  5. Save the changes. 

User Interface Settings

Includes language settings, sales memo UI, sales menu UI, payment UI, and button configuration settings.

Supporting Devices Settings

Includes settings for connection with support device such as customer display, octopus connect terminals, scanners and card readers. 

Reset Settings

To reset whole system (all local data will be erased). This function requires admin login. 

Credit Card Settings

To integrate with the engaged payment modes. You can enable and edit the configuration here. 

Tap on the country name at the right top corner to change business country. 

Credit Card Report

This is only available when you have engaged in other payment gateway / devices. 

Currency Table

This is to set foreign currency exchange rate if the business operation allows customer to pay using other currencies. 

You are required to set minimum 1 base currency. 

Backup & Restore

For backup process, a backup file will be generated. You can choose different ways as your destination to save your backup file: 

  1. Backup to iTunes : File will be saved inside your app, can be accessed via iTunes.  
  2. Backup to Email : File will be sent via email
  3. Backup to iCloud : File will be saved at your registered iCloud. 

For restore function, place the backup file inside the app using iTunes and tap on Restore button. 

Data Download

This function is used to download the updated information from cloud. You can choose to download all aspects or a specific category.