Go to Administration -> Promotions. The promotion list shows all promotions in different categories. You can choose to disable promotions that is not in used.

Create & Edit Promotion

  1. Go to Administration -> Promotion -> Tap on New Promotion -> Select your Promotion Type
  2. Name your promotion with description, select period of promotion, and target outlet
  3. You can choose to repeat the promotion on selected day(s) or within certain time of operating hours.
  4. Tap on "+" button to input promotion criteria and discount value. Or tap on  to edit them. Tap on Set Special Conditions to apply this promotion specialise for persons with disabilities / senior citizens.
  5. Tap on to save the promotion.

Promotion Type

Table below shows the descriptions of each promotion type :

Promotion Types


Whole Receipt Promotion

Discount will be given for a minimum purchase of an assigned amount of value of goods.

Product Item Promotion

Discount rate for listed items

Product Bundle Promotion

Several products sell at a cheaper price if buy them together

Purchase with Purchase Promotion

Two or more selected item(s) purchase at same time would be entitled a discount for an assigned product

Use of Promotions

  1. Enable the promotion on Promotion page
  2. Conduct sales at respective outlet to enjoy the promotion.