Go to Menu ->  Tap on Products tap to access products.

To Add / Edit Product :

  1. To Add Product : Tap on Add Product button ->    Enter all information and Save
  2. To View Product : Swipe right on product from the product list.
  3. To Edit Product : Tap on Edit button  on view product page. 

Below are some descriptions of the terms when creating new product. 


Default Name

The name shows on menu page

Name 02 / Name 03

The name to be selected to show in kitchen printer in printer settings


Product unique code. Can be a barcode / QR code


Switch on for finished product with recipe ingredients to track inventory.

Product Prices and Taxes


Selling price shows on sales memo page


Cost of the item


Select product tax from a list (defined in Administration > Tax Groups)

Product Categories, Groups and Modifiers

Category / Group

Select or create a category / group that the product belongs to

Modifier Groups

You can tag one or multiple modifier groups to the product

Auto Prompt Modifiers

Pop up modifier selection automatically when item is selected on sales memo.

Printer / KDS

Assign to different printers / KDS when sending order of this product


Unit of Measurement

To manage inventory. 

Fixed : Sales of this item will deduct exact amount from inventory automatically

User Defined : Require to key in exact usage during sales (selling price varies with the ingredient amount used)

Inventory / Stock in

Enable inventory and stock in product quantity to track inventory. Stock in only the secondary unit. 

Product Points

Points earned by customer when they purchase this product.

Recipe Ingredients

Select ingredients from a list of base unit.