For first time registration, go to System Preference and do a quick setup.

General Settings

General Settings includes company settings, tax and sales settings, sales memo settings, reward point settings, cash box settings, and language settings.

Here are some explanations you may want to know for the GENERAL SETTINGS.

Company Details

Company Name

Please key in your head office name here

Tax Registration No.

You can enable to show in receipt under Receipt Settings

Tax & Service

Tax Percentage

This percentage applies in this outlet only

Tax Inclusive

All product price include tax

Service charge Percentage

You can set the service charge rates and applies in this outlet only

Tax before Discount

Tax are charged on original price, not after discount price

Tax before service charge

Tax are charged before imposing service charge

Service Charge

Allow waive of service charge and with/ without admin login is required.


Allow waive of tax and with / without admin login is required.

Sales Memo

Product Price

You can allow change of product price and decide if admin login is required

Total Rounding

You can enable rounding of payment mode on cash only or all

Rounding Mode

Round up and round down choices are available in pull down box

Default Service Type

You can select dine in or take away as default service for sale page

Auto apply item promotions

Once enable this function, you are not able to select the item without promotion.

Enable Forced Modifiers

Modifiers of the dish will automatic tag to the item

Automatic Receipt Print

Receipt will automatic print when finish payment

Automatic Kitchen Receipt Print

Kitchen receipt is printed when payment is done

Open cash drawer w/o print

No receipt will be print when open cash drawer.

Add Card Payment ref. no

All credit card payment required to enter credit card number as reference

Multiply Modifier Quantity with Item Quantity

Once enable this button, modifier tag with price can be automatically multiply with item. For details, please see Sales.

Save Orders

Login for deletion

Login is required for deleting saved orders

Auto Print with Save Button

Once enable this feature, receipt is print when you press the SAVE ICON in sales memo. (Please refers to SALES MEMO)

Clear Paid Order

You can choose to manually or automatically delete paid order

Clear All Saved Order after 24 hours

Save order will be clear in Table layout page and Order List after 24 hours

Edit Paid Orders Information

The edit is limit to the payment method and tip amount

Enable Order Synchronization

If you have more than 1 Food POS terminal, you can enable this button to make sure all transaction records are synchronous.


Cash Box 


Login to Open Cash Drawer

Login is required to open cash drawer without transaction or activities




Date Format

Define the format of the date shows on receipt

Day Start Time & End Time

To define start and end of operation time of one operation day

Reset Sequence No.

Sequence number will be reset to 1



Currently available language are English, Simplified Chinese and Korean


Social & Sharing


Social & Sharing

Enable direct link to Facebook and Twitter